Get ready to be dazzled in the heart of Bangkok! The city’s art and fashion enthusiasts are in for a treat as the famous French artist and jewelry designer, Shourouk Rhaiem, unveils her very first exhibition in this vibrant urban jungle. 

Shourouk uses the “cut-up*” technique to perfect her vision of life. A little girl will always dream, and we remain children forever. Even the blue of the sky also becomes brighter through the lens of advertising. She enhances each product that has accompanied her on her journey, which is sometimes filled with sadness. She makes them shine in the spotlight, and thanks them.

Shourouk is channeling her artistic prowess through an immersive art installation in Austria, she unveiled her first artistic installation for Swarovski, titled «Ordinary Life,» showcasing her transition from jewelry to art. And recently hosted a Paris gallery show. All her “blinged” household items were put on display, their Swarovski crystals reflecting the light at the Galerie Pixi – Marie Victoire Poliakoff in Paris’s Saint-Germain neighborhood. It was Rhaiem’s first-ever art show, and to everyone’s delight, most of her pieces sold.

For ‘La vie en strass,’ the first Shourouk Rhaiem’s mesmerizing art exhibition show in Bangkok and her debut in the heart of Asia. «La vie en strass» promises to be a jubilant tribute to creativity, artistry, and the transformative magic inherent in everyday objects, all infused with a touch of opulence and whimsy.

Among the everyday items brought to life are the iconic Prickly Heat (Snake Brand) cooling powder can, local beer bottles, and Hanfa brand mosquito repellent boxes. Shourouk, the «Queen of Bling», brings an effervescent and ultra-glamorous aesthetic to the vibrant city of Siam.

This is how “Ordinary Life” was born. Don’t miss the chance to witness Shourouk Rhaiem’s extraordinary vision brought to life at ART Space by MOCA BANGKOK from November 13th to December 6th.