Heavily inspired by the 80s, when the craze of Saturday night parties in front of Drucker’s «Champs-Élysées» was in full swing, Shourouk, the «Queen of Bling» in the making, could marvel at this exuberant ultra glamorous aesthetic.

During these ‘Séguéla’ years, when the advert was becoming a true artistic expression, admiration became inspiration, and a few decades later, Shourouk reinterprets these domestic icons and in turn makes them inaccessible, like pieces of jewellery. This is how “Ordinary Life” was born.

This installation, in collaboration with Swarovski and unveiled in Vienna, subjects everyday products to a touch of luxury and fantasy. Woolite or Ajax cans, Ariel packets, Pepsi bottles, our childhood Pez, all become real jewels.

Her rhinestone compositions glorify these little brothers of the “Brillo Boxes” or the “Campbell soup”, and give them an air of enchantment, like a dream-like doll’s tea-set; something that Warhol or Spoerri could not have denied.